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SPRING VALLEY: Person Struck And Pinned Under Train In Critical Condition

Early Monday morning, Spring Hill Ambulance responded to a distress call reporting a person struck by a train at 1 Municipal Plaza in the Village of Spring Valley. Equipped with a team comprising three line officers, a crew, and one observer, Spring Hill Ambulance arrived at the scene prepared to provide immediate assistance to the injured party.

Upon their arrival, it became apparent that the patient was trapped under the train, requiring an extended and delicate extrication process. Recognizing the gravity of the situation, a Spring Hill Captain promptly requested a Medevac to facilitate the extraction. Unfortunately, due to inclement weather conditions, the helicopter was unable to take flight, necessitating an alternative approach to the rescue operation.

Responding without delay, the Spring Valley Fire Department joined forces with Spring Hill Ambulance to assist with the intricate extrication procedure. Working in tandem, the combined emergency response teams skillfully maneuvered the situation, ensuring the safety of all involved. The process, which demanded meticulous precision, lasted approximately 45 minutes.

During the rescue effort, Spring Hill EMTs collaborated seamlessly with the Spring Valley Fire Department and Rockland Paramedic Services Medic 25. Together, they applied a tourniquet to the patient’s leg, mitigating further injury risks, and provided vital oxygen assistance, stabilizing the patient’s condition.

Once extricated from beneath the train, the injured individual was expeditiously transported to Westchester Medical Center in critical condition.

Expressing their gratitude, Spring Hill Ambulance extends sincere appreciation to their esteemed partners, including Rockland Paramedic Services – Medic 25, Spring Valley NY FD “Hillhooks,” Pearl River Fire Department, Spring Valley PD, NYS State Police, and MTA Police. This display of collaboration and support exemplifies the strength and resilience of the local emergency response network.

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  1. Absolutely impressed with the level of professionalism, obscuring the operation from public view (cams, etc) so as to maintain a level of dignity for the patient.
    Hope he fairs well!!


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