CHASDEI HASHEM: Trees Fall On Jewish Drivers’ Vehicles In Two Separate Incidents, No Serious Injuries Reported

High winds in northern New Jersey and Airmont caused trees along roadways to crash down onto vehicles, but miraculously, the drivers in both incidents emerged without any serious injuries,

The first incident unfolded in Upper Saddle River, in northern New Jersey, when a tree collapsed onto a car with a woman inside it, trapping her. Rockland Hatzolah and firefighters worked to remove the woman from the vehicle, who was treated for a minor head injury before being transported by Hatzolah to Hackensack University Medical Center for further treatment and observation.

In the second near-tragedy, a man driving a pickup truck at Biret Drive and Church Road was struck by a falling tree, leaving a gaping hole in the windshield – but leaving the man without even a scratch.

Rockland Hatzolah and police responded to the scene, but their assistance wasn’t needed, aside from clearing the severely damaged vehicle and wrecked tree from the roadway.

ועל ניסך שבכל יום עמנו…


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