About Us

A refreshing news platform providing readers with a paradigm-shifting take on the news, insight on the most pertinent topics and issues, and an undying devotion to journalistic integrity. That platform is Monsey Scoop.

Monsey Scoop content is the collaborative collaborative product of a veteran group of reporters and media executives who have combined their talents and 20 years of experience at Yeshiva World News to bring you the best and latest in breaking news from the greater Rockland County region.

Already the fastest-growing news source in the greater Rockland County region, Monsey Scoop has spent years developing and refining its connections and access to the inner workings of New York State, Rockland, Ramapo, Monsey, and far beyond.

Employing the highest-quality reporters, writers, and editors, Monsey Scoop has quickly become the gold standard for news distribution in the greater Monsey market, garnering more than ten thousand signups to our WhatsApp platforms in just a few months after launching. These subscribers receive breaking news in live time.

The news landscape in Rockland County has changed for the better. Take a look at Monsey Scoop – its content, its quality and its relevance, and enjoy your new number one source for news that you care about.