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Rockland County School Board Elections and Budget Votes: Results and Implications

In a decisive outcome, voters in the East Ramapo Central School District (ERCSD) have rejected the proposed 2024 budget, which sought a $36.3 million increase. The budget proposal, which would have represented a 12.27% rise over the previous year’s budget and a 1.99% hike in the school tax levy, was defeated with 1,917 votes against and 1,519 in favor. This outcome may mean that school taxes will remain unchanged unless a revised budget is put forward for a revote, which must occur by June 18. Should the revised budget also fail, the district will be compelled to adopt a state-imposed contingency budget, keeping the tax levy at current levels.

The ERCSD also held elections for school board trustees. In Ward 1, Eric Young-Mercer emerged victorious with 278 votes. Incumbent Shimon Rose secured Ward 4 with 219 votes, and Moses Koth won Ward 7 with 86 votes.

Meanwhile, the Clarkstown Central School District saw a highly contested election with six candidates vying for three seats on the Board of Education. Tammy Bierker, Jason Bass, and Yelena Glukhova, running on a “parental rights” platform, won the election with 3,440, 3,250, and 3,113 votes, respectively. Additionally, Clarkstown voters approved the 2024-2025 budget of $253.2 million by a substantial margin of 72%, with 4,234 votes in favor and 1,623 against. Proposition 2 also passed, authorizing the district to utilize $1.198 million from the Capital Reserve Fund 2018 and $817,461 from the Capital Reserve Fund 2020 for infrastructure projects, including floor tile replacement and security system upgrades at local schools.

In the Suffern Central School District, the budget was approved with 2,718 votes, and three incumbents were re-elected to the school board. Jennifer Hodge received 2,674 votes, Marlo Dickman garnered 2,506 votes, and Darrell Frasier secured 2,340 votes.

Nyack School District’s budget passed with overwhelming support, receiving 1,221 votes in favor and 291 against. Elaine Philhower and Bryan Burrell were elected to the school board with 935 and 672 votes, respectively.

In the North Rockland Central School District, voters approved the budget by a significant margin, with 1,451 votes in favor and 376 against. Proposition 2 also passed with 1,426 votes supporting and 397 opposing. Incumbents Richard Fernandez and Mary Romano were re-elected to the school board with 1,528 and 1,512 votes, respectively. Kimberly Von Hein and Joseph Call received 390 and 317 votes, respectively.

These results reflect the community’s varying priorities and will significantly impact the fiscal planning and educational policies of the respective school districts in Rockland County.

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