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Spring Valley Police Assisted By Chaverim Of Rockland, Arrest Suspect For Bicycle Theft And Rock-Throwing, Knife-Brandishing Incident

On Monday, around 8:30 AM, Chaverim of Rockland received a call about a bicycle theft on West Street in Spring Valley. A man was reported to have entered private property, stolen a bicycle, and fled. The homeowner immediately reported the incident to the Spring Valley Police Department.

Shortly after the theft, a vigilant Chaverim volunteer noticed the stolen bicycle and the suspect near Memorial Park. However, the suspect had changed clothes, making it difficult to recognize him. As he joined a group of friends, the situation escalated when the group, noticing they were being followed, encouraged the suspect to throw rocks and brandish a knife at the Chaverim volunteers and their vehicles before dispersing.

Despite initial efforts, Spring Valley police were unable to locate the suspect immediately following the incident. Persistence paid off when, on Wednesday morning, another observant Chaverim volunteer spotted the alleged perpetrator strolling along Route 45 near Eckerson Road. The volunteer quickly alerted the Spring Valley Police, who successfully arrested the suspect.

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