HEROES: Chaverim Of Rockland Saves 6-Month-Old Locked In Scorching Car

A 6-month-old girl is lucky to be alive after being rescued by Chaverim of Rockland who were in the area where she was inadvertently left in a hot vehicle.

The incident unfolded on Sunday afternoon, when a Shabbos patrol unit in Spring Valley observed a commotion near a vehicle on Homer Lee Avenue. Approaching the scene, the unit was quickly apprised of the situation: a baby girl was locked inside a vehicle for at least twenty minutes and was sweating profusely in the extreme temperatures.

The Chaverim unit requested additional units from headquarters, which had additional volunteers respond to the scene within a minute. Moments later, the vehicle’s door was open and the child was taken out – conscious and alert, but suffering from dehydration and the effects of the heat.

Spring Valley Police, Spring Hill EMS and Rockland paramedics were called to the scene, who quickly administered treatment and transported the baby to Nyack Hospital for evaluation.

In related news, Chaverim is distributing 10,000 rearview mirror-mounted reminders for parents to never leave their child alone in the car – even for a moment donated by Wit Strategies. The reminders can be received free-of-charge at the Chaverim Headquarters 6 Olympia Lane in Monsey.


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    • So if you accidentally lock your child in the car and immediately call Chaverim and other emergency services you should get arrested????

      • It said that Chaverim members were in the area , noticed a commotion, and investigated. It also said that the baby was in the car at least 20 minutes before that. They were not called for help.


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