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Haverstraw Police Display Wrecked Car at Local High School to Combat Drunk Driving

In a striking reminder of the dangers of drunk driving, the Haverstraw Police Department has placed a wrecked car on the campus of North Rockland High School. This initiative is part of the broader “No Empty Chair” campaign, aimed at encouraging safe driving behaviors among students and the community.

The campaign urges all drivers to always wear seat belts, avoid using cell phones while driving, and most importantly, to drive sober. The visual impact of the wrecked vehicle is intended to drive home the potentially fatal consequences of not adhering to these safety practices.

The “No Empty Chair” campaign is named to signify the aim of having no empty chairs at graduation ceremonies due to preventable tragedies involving students. The campaign will continue to focus on promoting responsible driving in an effort to ensure the safety and well-being of young drivers and their communities.

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  1. Good.
    Thanks to the Haverstraw Police Department.

    Parents of kids who don’t go to that school should point the wreck out to their kids.


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