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Fire Destroys Spring Valley Home on Shabbos Morning, Caused by Shabbos Candles {PHOTOS & VIDEOS}

A devastating fire, sparked by Shabbos candles, ravaged a Spring Valley home early Shabbos morning, according to fire officials. The incident was reported just before 2 a.m. at a residence located at 51 Gladys Drive near Kennedy Drive. Responding to the scene were Spring Valley firefighters along with crews from four other fire departments.

The home, inhabited by a family with two young children, was left in ruins. Officials explained that the fire started when Shabbos candles accidentally fell over. Despite the homeowner’s attempts to extinguish the flames upon smelling smoke, the fire had rapidly spread, making it unmanageable.

Fortunately, the blaze was contained and did not affect neighboring homes. However, it did cause several units within the complex to lose water and electricity services. Authorities are currently conducting further investigations and evaluating the overall impact of the fire.

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