Congressman Mike Lawler Calls for Action Against Antisemitism and Support for Allies at JCRC Congressional Breakfast

At the Jewish Community Relations Council’s (JCRC) annual congressional breakfast in Manhattan, Congressman Mike Lawler delivered a compelling address to members of Congress, elected officials, and New York’s community leaders. Introduced by well-known Monsey Community Activist Rivkie Feiner, Lawler’s speech, captured in a video that was circulated, underscored the critical geopolitical challenges faced by the United States and its allies, particularly emphasizing the threat posed by the alliance of China, Russia, and Iran. Lawler emphasized, that the world has not seen such precariousness since World War II, highlighting the urgent need for concerted support for Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan.

In his detailed address, Congressman Lawler outlined his legislative priorities aimed at bolstering the United States’ stance against antisemitism and enhancing national security. He passionately advocated for the passage of the Ship Act, his anti-BDS bill targeting the United Nations for its role in fostering antisemitism, and various other initiatives designed to combat antisemitic sentiments and actions, both domestically and internationally.

Lawler’s legislative efforts include the introduction of the Stop Antisemitism on College Campuses Act in response to a controversial graduation speech at CUNY Law School, and the Antisemitism Awareness Act, which mandates the Department of Education to adopt a specific definition of antisemitism for enforcement purposes. Following the horrific October 7 attacks, he also proposed a resolution affirming Israel’s right to exist, condemning Hamas’s denial of this right as a root cause of conflict.

Emphasizing Israel’s democratic values, Lawler refuted claims of Israel as an apartheid state, declaring anti-Zionism as inherently antisemitic. He highlighted the critical need for enforcement of laws against hate crimes, noting that a significant majority of antisemitic hate crimes in New York go unprosecuted.

Concluding his speech with the rallying cry “Am Yisroel Chai,” Lawler called for a multifaceted approach to address antisemitism, combining education, law enforcement, and a strong foreign policy. His message was clear: the fight against antisemitism and the support for democratic allies like Israel are imperative for peace and security both in the Middle East and globally.

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