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Attorney General Letitia James Hosts Roundtable Discussion in Rockland to Combat Antisemitism and Promote Community Safety

Attorney General Letitia James convened a roundtable discussion with Jewish leadership and local elected officials in Rockland County, aiming to address critical issues impacting the community, including the rise of antisemitism and community safety. The event, which took place at Rockland Community College, was a testament to the collective efforts to foster understanding and collaboration.

Organized by Yoely Lefkowitz, Director of Community Jewish Outreach and Intergovernmental Affairs, the meeting brought together a diverse group of attendees committed to combating hate and promoting safety. Participants included representatives local police departments, and officials from various municipalities within Rockland County.

The following are some of the attendees of this significant gathering: Yoely Lefkowitz from the New York State Attorney General’s Office; Tom Walsh, the Rockland County District Attorney; Louis Falco, the Rockland County Sheriff; Donna Silberman, the Rockland County Clerk; Rockland County Legislators Aron Weider, Itamar Yeger, Phil Soskin, and Joel Friedman; Michael Specht, the Town of Ramapo Supervisor; Mona Montal, the Town of Ramapo Chief of Staff; mayors Izzy Spitzer (Village of New Square), Ilan Fuchs (Village of Pomona), Eli Pinkasowitz (Kaser Village), Abe Sicker (Village of New Hempstead), deputy mayors Yisroel Eisenbach (Village of Spring Valley), Chaim Rose (Village of Chestnut Ridge), Shimon Moses (Village of Airmont), Mendy Lasker (Village of Pomona); trustees Shmuli Fromowitz (Village of Chestnut Ridge)  Shmuel Smith and Joseph Gross (Village of Spring Valley); Yossi Margeratten, the Chaverim Of Rockland Coordinator; Rabbi Shragi Greenbaum, director of the Rockland County office of the Agudah; Ethan Erlich, the Regional Security Director of the Community Security Initiative; Yisroel Kahan from the Rockland County Human Rights Commission; Spring Valley Police officials Richard Oleszczuk, the Chief, and Jack Bosworth, the Deputy Chief; community activists Mayer Tauber, Yossi Gestetner, Yehuda Zorger, Rivkie Feiner; Ramapo Police Officers Dave Small and Julianne Franklin; Simcha Bernath, Law Enforcement Liaison; and Heshy Greenzweig, President of Rockland Hatzolah.

The roundtable focused on the urgent need to address hate and bias, particularly antisemitic incidents, and the role of social media in perpetuating these issues. Discussions also covered local challenges like transportation for yeshivas and the mental health of the youth and police officers.

Attorney General James reaffirmed her office’s commitment to supporting and protecting every community in New York, emphasizing the importance of collaboration in ending antisemitism and ensuring a safer environment for all.


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