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YET AGAIN: Spate of Car Break-Ins Plagues Monsey’s Chestnut Ridge “Birds Area” Over Shabbos

Monsey neighborhoods have once again fallen victim to a series of car break-ins on Friday night and early Shabbos morning. This time, the Chestnut Ridge “Birds Area” of Hungry Hollow Road bore the brunt of the criminal spree, with nearly 40 cars broken into by a perpetrator.

Residents were left in shock as they ended Shabbos to shattered windows and missing belongings from their vehicles, prompting reports to be filed with the Ramapo Police and Chaverim Of Rockland on Motzei Shabbos. The community expressed its frustration and concern, as they grapple with the recurring menace of car break-ins that have been plaguing Monsey neighborhoods in recent months.

Both the Ramapo Police and Chaverim Of Rockland are actively investigating these incidents and are urging anyone with information or security camera footage to come forward and assist with the ongoing investigation. Concerned citizens are encouraged to contact the Ramapo Police at 845-357-2400 or Chaverim Of Rockland at 845-371-6333.

As the community grapples with the growing problem, they extend their gratitude to the dedicated men and women of the Ramapo Police while also calling for increased vigilance and protection on Friday nights. Residents are hopeful that these efforts will lead to the swift apprehension and justice for those responsible for terrorizing the community through these distressing car break-ins on Shabbos.

Monsey remains on high alert, with residents and authorities alike committed to bringing an end to this ongoing crisis and ensuring the safety and security of its neighborhoods.

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