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WATCH: Rockland County Legislator and Local Businessman Share Touching Moment with Home Depot Employee

A heartwarming video has captured an unlikely encounter between Rockland County Legislator Aron Wieder, local business owner Eli Solomon of Eli’s Bagels, and a Home Depot employee in the Nanuet store parking lot.

It all began innocently when Wieder and Solomon were shopping at Home Depot and were greeted by an employee with a simple “shalom”. The friendly exchange took a deeper turn when the employee shared that he was Jewish but not very observant. Engaging further, the duo learned that the employee had an old pair of tefillin, that he no longer used.

Seeing an opportunity for a spiritual connection, Wieder and Solomon asked if he would be willing to put on the tefillin then and there. In a spontaneous act of faith, the Home Depot employee agreed.

“This unexpected meeting was a testament to the beauty of humanity and faith. It’s not about how observant one is, but about connecting with one another on a deeper level. I’m grateful for this moment and for the chance to share in such a special act right in the middle of an everyday setting.” Legislator Wieder said

The incredible moment was captured on video and has since gone viral, serving as a poignant reminder that moments of connection and spirituality can occur in the most unexpected places.

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