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WATCH: Mesivta Of Long Beach Breaks Ground On New Campus In Chestnut Ridge

The Mesivta of Long Beach, a prestigious yeshiva, is making significant progress on its new campus in Chestnut Ridge. A recently released video showcases the foundation of the dormitories already laid, with construction on the main buildings set to commence soon.

For over 50 years, the Mesivta of Long Beach has been a cornerstone in the Olam Hayeshivos. Under the former leadership of Harav Yitzchak Feigelstock zt”l and current roshei yeshiva, Rav Chaim Yehoshua Hoberman and Rav Mordechai Respler, the yeshiva has grown in reputation and size. However, the challenges of operating a yeshiva for young men in Long Beach, NY, a popular beachside town, combined with the need for modernized facilities, led to the decision to relocate.

Philanthropist Bentzion Heitner of Toronto generously donated the land in Chestnut Ridge, paving the way for the yeshiva’s expansion.

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