Violent Stabbing During Fight in New Hempstead

Earlier today at approximately 11 am, local authorities responded to a distress call that led them to Bonnie Court in the New Hempstead.

What initially started as an unknown medical emergency quickly escalated into a violent altercation, resulting in multiple patients being injured and one being stabbed.

Ramapo Police, in collaboration with Spring Hill Ambulance and Rockland Paramedics, swiftly rushed to the scene to address the unfolding situation.

The nature of the initial call was shrouded in uncertainty, but it soon became apparent that they were dealing with a person who had stabbed an individual during a fight and injured multiple others.

Upon securing the area, the first ambulance crew on-site assessed the situation and realized the severity of the injuries, prompting the immediate request for additional ambulances to accommodate the multiple patients in need of medical attention.

In a display of rapid response and teamwork, four additional ambulances were dispatched to Bonnie Court. A fifth ambulance remained on standby at the Spring Hill EMS quarters, prepared to respond to any potential emergencies that might arise.

Over a dozen dedicated Spring Hill EMS volunteers joined the efforts within minutes, providing crucial assistance in the challenging situation.

In addition to the local authorities, law enforcement agencies including Ramapo Police, the Rockland County Sheriff’s Department, and the New York State Police were all present at the scene to ensure safety and investigate the incident.

All injured patients were subsequently transported to appropriate medical facilities for treatment.  Authorities are actively investigating the circumstances surrounding the altercation.

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