VIDEO: New York State Senator Bill Weber Leads Standing Ovation for Israeli New Citizens at Naturalization Ceremony

New York State Senator Bill Weber, representing Rockland County, led a standing ovation during the Rockland County Naturalization Ceremony as new American citizens from Israel were announced. The ceremony, held last Friday, was a poignant moment of celebration, particularly for those from Israel who had endured the tragic loss of loved ones to Hamas terrorism.

“At the Naturalization Ceremony last Friday, I was proud to lead my colleagues in a standing ovation for our new American citizens from Israel. While we’re very proud of all our new citizens, those from Israel mourning the tremendous loss of their brothers and sisters whom Hamas terrorists murdered deserved a little extra encouragement, and it was an honor to lead the way for both current and former elected officials.” Senator Weber stated.

The ceremony symbolized the American dream and the promise of a brighter future for those who have chosen to call the United States home. Senator Weber’s leadership highlighted the unity and inclusivity that define Rockland County and the nation as a whole. It was a moment that transcended politics, emphasizing fundamental values such as freedom, opportunity, and the pursuit of happiness.

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