Veteran Criminal Investigator Jeanne Horan Honored for 35 Years of Dedication to Rockland County

In a heartfelt ceremony attended by family and colleagues, Criminal Investigator Jeanne Horan, a true Rockland County native and alumna of Albertus Magnus High School, was celebrated for her remarkable 35-year commitment to the Rockland County District Attorney’s Office (RCDAO). With a career spanning more than three decades, Horan’s unwavering dedication to her community has left an indelible mark.

Throughout her illustrious tenure, Criminal Investigator Horan has taken on pivotal roles within the RCDAO, notably contributing to the Drug Task Force and the Special Victims Unit. Her tireless efforts and unwavering commitment to upholding justice have been instrumental in maintaining the safety and security of Rockland County residents.

During the commemorative ceremony, District Attorney Tom Walsh paid tribute to the exemplary service and dedication exhibited by Criminal Investigator Horan over the course of her career. He personally presented a well-deserved plaque as a token of gratitude on behalf of the RCDAO and the people of Rockland County.

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