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UPDATE: Piermont Dock Incident; Car in Hudson River Linked to Multiple Crimes

In a recent development regarding the car that dramatically ended up in the Hudson River last month, Piermont Village Police have disclosed that the vehicle was involved in a series of crimes across the lower Hudson Valley.

The investigation took a pivotal turn on January 28, when a grey 2024 BMW X5, now identified as the vehicle in question, was successfully recovered from the icy depths of the river. This follows the initial discovery on January 17, when Piermont Police were called to the scene at Ferry Road pier after reports surfaced of dock damage.

Evidence collected at the time included distinctive tire marks leading to the end of the dock and various vehicle parts scattered near the damaged area. Surveillance footage later revealed a more bizarre aspect of the event, showing the driver exiting the vehicle and deliberately allowing it to roll off the pier into the river. The search for the driver, however, has yet to yield any results.

The case has captured the attention of the local community and continues to unfold, with the police urging anyone with information to come forward to aid in the investigation.

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