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Unresolved Case: Ramapo Police Seek Public Help in Four-Year-Old Homicide

Yesterday, marked four years when the quiet community of Hillcrest, was shaken by a tragic incident when 19-year-old Nicholas Jasiel from nearby Nanuet lost his life. The young man was fatally shot during a confrontation on Dwight Ave, a case that remains unsolved to this day.

The Ramapo Police Department, who has been diligently investigating this distressing case, has issued a renewed appeal to the public for assistance. Despite the passage of time, the department remains committed to bringing those responsible to justice and providing closure to Jasiel’s family and friends.

Investigators believe that there are individuals with crucial information about the events leading to Jasiel’s untimely death. The Police Department’s Investigations Division is urging anyone with knowledge about the case, no matter how insignificant it may seem, to come forward.

This call for public assistance is not just a plea for clues but also a reminder of the impact Nicholas Jasiel’s untimely demise has had on his family and the community. The Ramapo Police Department can be reached at (845) 357-2400, and callers can remain anonymous.

As the community reflects on this somber anniversary, there is a collective hope that new information will emerge, leading to a resolution in this heartbreaking case.

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