TRAGEDY: Monsey Woman Instantly Killed In Horrific Friday Afternoon Crash Near Scranton

Tragedy struck the Monsey community on Friday when a Jewish family headed to Scranton, Pennsylvania, for Shabbos was involved in a deadly single-vehicle accident on the I-84.

According to police, Yeruchem and Serach Kagan, along with their four children, were approximately 20 minutes from Scranton when their vehicle veered off the roadway and flipped, rolling down an embankment.

Mrs. Kagan (the daughter of R’ Shmuel Aharon Flaum of Scranton) was ejected from the vehicle, killing her instantly r”l. Rabbi Kagan (the son of Rav Dovid Kagan, the rav of the Haverstraw shul), suffered serious but non-life-threatening injuries. All four children in the vehicle emerged unscathed.

The levaya for Serach Kagan a”h is scheduled to take place in Scranton at 11 am Purim morning, with a second following at 3 PM at the Har Shulem Bais Hachaim in Airmont/Monsey.

The name for Tehillim is Yeruchem ben Minna b’soch she’ar cholei yisroel. 

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