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Town Of Ramapo Supervisor Michael Specht Announces State DOT’s Commitment to Expedite Pothole Repairs in Monsey

The Town of Ramapo Supervisor has responded to concerns about potholes in Monsey with promising news of upcoming repairs. Following a Monsey Scoop article highlighting the issue earlier today, the Supervisor has secured the cooperation of the New York State Department of Transportation (DOT) to expedite the repair of significant potholes on state roads.

The Supervisor stated, “I’m pleased to inform you that New York State DOT has responded to our concerns and this morning told us that they will be here Thursday to examine major pot holes on state roads in Monsey and then expedite the repairs. We appreciate DOTs willingness to address our concerns and make the repairs needed to ensure our residents’ safety. Rockland County Highway Department has been out working on County roads throughout the Town since the end of winter and we appreciate their ongoing efforts as well. I want to commend our Town Highway Department, under the leadership of Superintendent Fred Brinn, for continuing to proactively address any problems on Town owned roads.”

He also encouraged residents to report any potholes directly to his office, ensuring swift action on town roads and effective communication for state or county road issues.

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