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Town Of Ramapo Supervisor Commends Envision Optical for Remarkable Community Outreach: Donates 40,000 Eclipse Glasses

On Monday morning, Town of Ramapo Supervisor Michael Specht extended gratitude to Mr. Unger of Envision Optical for his generous contribution to the community. Mr. Unger, proprietor of Envision Optical, was presented with a certificate of appreciation by Supervisor Specht for his remarkable initiative in distributing over 40,000 free eclipse glasses to students and residents.

During the presentation, Supervisor Specht emphasized the significance of Mr. Unger’s altruistic gesture, stating, “We’re here today to say thank you and give a certificate of appreciation from the Town of Ramapo to Mr. Unger and Envision Optical.” He lauded Mr. Unger’s dedication to public safety, particularly during rare celestial events such as the recent eclipse.

“We want to say thank you. We want to wish him well and his beautiful store, beautiful business that he’s brought to our community,” Specht continued, underscoring the positive impact of local businesses like Envision Optical in fostering community spirit and welfare.

Expressing gratitude for the partnership between local businesses and the community, Supervisor Specht concluded, “And again, just appreciate the partners we have in the community that put back to give back to the community. Thank you.”

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