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Town of Ramapo Police Department Summer Interns Visit Rockland County District Attorney’s Office

Interns from the Town of Ramapo Police Department’s summer internship program recently visited the Rockland County District Attorney’s Office. The visit provided the interns with an in-depth overview of the office’s functions and an opportunity to meet with the staff.

Executive Assistant District Attorney Tina Guccione briefed the interns on the responsibilities and duties of an Assistant District Attorney, as well as the role of the District Attorney’s Office within the criminal justice system. Detectives Mike Duggan and George Del Fierro provided insights into the investigative process and explained how their work supports the Assistant District Attorneys, enhancing their cases and prosecutions.

Additionally, Detective Tim Hayes and K9 Remy conducted a demonstration showcasing Remy’s ability to detect electronics. They also answered questions from the interns, providing further insight into the specialized skills and techniques used in law enforcement.

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