Tornado Watch and Flash Flooding Threat in Rockland County and Tri-State Area as Severe Storms Approach

A tornado watch has been declared for Rockland, Nassau, Putnam, and Westchester counties on Sunday due to the imminent danger of severe thunderstorms and flash flooding in the region.

According to meteorologist Dani Beckstrom, localized areas of intense rainfall are expected to reach the area early Sunday, with subsequent rounds of heavy rain persisting until early evening. As a result, an AccuWeather Alert has been issued, and the Tri-State Area is under a Flood Watch that extends through Sunday evening.

Rainfall estimates range from one to three inches, but certain isolated locations could experience three to five inches. Moreover, there is a possibility of hail and strong winds occurring.

In light of the hazardous weather conditions, it is strongly advised that drivers never attempt to navigate through flooded roadways.

These warnings arise as several communities in Rockland and Orange counties are still in the process of recovering from severe flooding that took place last week. Additionally, portions of Hudson County in New Jersey are currently grappling with the aftermath of storms that struck on Friday night, leaving residents vulnerable to the prospect of further rainfall-induced disturbances.

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