TONIGHT: Monsey’s Leil Shishi Diner Welcomes ‘Chulent with Congressman Lawler’ for a Night of Community Dialogue

In an event designed to foster community engagement and discussion, Congressman Mike Lawler is slated to host a gathering entitled “Chulent with Congressman Mike Lawler” this Thursday evening.

The meet and greet, set to bring together constituents and the congressman in a casual setting, will take place at the Leil Shishi Diner, located at 8 Remsen Avenue in Monsey.

Scheduled to commence at 9:30 PM, the event promises attendees the opportunity to interact with Congressman Lawler, sharing their views and discussing issues pertinent to the community.

This initiative is part of Congressman Lawler’s efforts to remain accessible to the public and to understand the concerns of the people he represents.

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