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TONIGHT: Aspiklarya Live Farbreng: Reviving Chasidic Spirit

The Baal Shem Tov created Chasidus to bring light, deeper meaning, and a new derech to live by. Over the years, more and more of this has been forgotten, as Klal Yisroel in general and the Chasidish world in particular continue to grow ke”h dramatically.

Here comes Aspiklarya.

With the single mission of bringing back the original Chasidus, they founded a hotline featuring constantly updated speeches from various renowned personalities in this tradition. Recently, they introduced a special feature allowing chasidim to shmooze, ask, and answer various Chasidic topics among themselves.

Seeing the huge, unexpected positive results of this new addition, Aspiklarya is now taking a bold step forward by organizing the first-ever live get-together, a “farbreng.”

This event will allow chasidim, who have known each other only over the phone, to meet and greet in person, further deepening their connection to Chasidus.

Rabbi Berel Lazar, Chief Rabbi of Russia, will attend and share interesting stories and insights into Chasidus, making this event even more special and enriching.

This special event will take place on Sunday at 9 PM in the Viznitz Hall, located at 229 Maple Ave.

First, chasidim will have the opportunity to shmooze among themselves. At 10:15 PM, Rabbi Berel Lazar will arrive and lead the farbreng. A gourmet meal will be served, and Chasidic seforim will be available for purchase.

This gathering is an opportunity to deepen the connection to Chasidus and enjoy an inspiring evening with Rabbi Berel Lazar and fellow chasidim.

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