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Tire Slashing Spree at Kosher Hive in Airmont; Leads to Arrest By Ramapo Police With Assistance From Chaverim Of Rockland

A man went on a tire-slashing spree at The Kosher Hive Supermarket parking lot on Route 59 on Thursday afternoon. The suspect fled the scene before the arrival of Ramapo Police and Chaverim of Rockland.

The incident was caught on surveillance video, providing clear evidence of the suspect’s actions. Eyewitnesses managed to capture the suspect’s vehicle and license plate information, which proved crucial in his apprehension. The Ramapo Police and Chaverim of Rockland promptly responded to the incident, gathering detailed descriptions of the fleeing suspect and his vehicle.

The suspect was later located and arrested at his residence in Suffern, thanks to the swift collaboration between the witnesses and law enforcement. Chaverim of Rockland also assisted all the victims with their flat tires, ensuring they could safely get back on the road. The Ramapo Police continue to investigate the incident.

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