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Three Arrested in Woodbury for Car Theft with the Help of Chaverim of Rockland and Kiryas Joel

Today, Chaverim of Rockland, in collaboration with Chaverim of Kiryas Joel, Spring Valley Police and the Woodbury Police Department, assisted in successfully arresting three individuals involved in the theft of a Hyundai electric vehicle that was stolen last week Wednesday from Spring Valley.

The vehicle was stolen from a car repair shop on Union Road and was subsequently tracked by members of Chaverim of Rockland to a charging station in Woodbury, NY. After the theft was reported to the Spring Valley Police, Chaverim volunteers coordinated with the Woodbury Police Department. The Woodbury Police intercepted the stolen vehicle and arrested the suspects.

Sources told Monsey Scoop that some of the arrested individuals had outstanding warrants in Clarkstown for similar offenses.

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