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Thiells Fire Department Receives Community Approval for $24 Million Bond for New Firehouse

Initially reported by Monsey Scoop on March 17th, Thiells Fire Department’s proposal for a $24 million bond to facilitate the construction of a modern fire station has received resounding support from the local community. The decision came following a successful referendum vote held on Tuesday, April 30, with 236 votes in favor and 25 opposed.

Expressing gratitude for the overwhelming support, Robert Masiello, commissioner of the Thiells Fire District, emphasized the importance of the new facility in meeting the evolving needs of the community. He remarked, “We are extremely grateful to everyone who voted and to the community for their continued support. Moving forward with the construction of a new main station will ensure that we provide our firefighters with a safe and functional fire station where they can properly train and effectively respond to the growing needs of our community.”

With the referendum passed, the Thiells Fire District is now set to proceed with the acquisition of the necessary land and the subsequent construction phase. Legal procedures are underway, as the district collaborates with legal counsel to finalize the land purchase and initiate the construction process.

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