TEHILLIM: Rachmistrivka Rebbe In Critical Condition

The condition of the Rachmastrivka Rebbe, HaRav Chai Yitzchok Isaac Twersky, turned critical on Tuesday night. The Rebbe has been unwell for the past two years, and a mini hospital was set up at the home of the Rebbe in Boro Park to treat him. His family have gathered around his bedside, as doctors fight to stabilize him.

The Rebbe is a son of Rav Yochanan Twersky, the previous Rachmastrivka Rebbe zt”l, and a son-in-law of Rav Yaakov Yosef Twersky, the previous Skverer Rebbe.

The Rebbe is an internationally known tzaddik, who leads his bais medrash and kehillah in Boro Park, Brooklyn. He is the uncle of the other Rachmastrivka Rebbe in Jerusalem.

The tzibur is asked to to daven for Chai Yitzchok ben Esther Rivka bsoch sh’ar cholei Yisroel.

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