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Swift Action by Chaverim of Rockland and IWS Recovers Woman’s Lost Bag {PHOTOS}

In a surprising incident on Gwen Lane, a woman briefly set her personal bag containing many sentimental and important items down near her house. Within minutes, an IWS Garbage truck had picked it up and continued its route.

Upon discovering her bag was missing, the woman quickly contacted Chaverim of Rockland. The dispatcher connected her with Yossi Margeratten, Chaverim’s coordinator. Margeratten acted promptly, reaching out to Diego Crespo, the Route Audit Supervisor at Interstate Waste Services (IWS).

Crespo immediately instructed the truck to halt further pickups and head directly to the dump yard in Hillburn. Chaverim of Rockland dispatched a couple of volunteers to search through the garbage. After about an hour, they successfully retrieved the bag and returned it to its grateful owner.

Margeratten expressed his gratitude to Diego Crespo and the IWS team for their swift response and continuous efforts to assist the community.

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