Surge in Shabbos Car Break-Ins in Monsey, Over 30 Vehicles Targeted {VIDEO}

In a concerning escalation of car break-ins, more than 30 vehicles in Monsey were broken into this past Friday night. The series of break-ins marks the latest in an ongoing trend of car thefts that have predominantly occurred during Shabbos in the area.

Chaverim of Rockland, has been actively patrolling Shabbos with 12 patrol cars staffed by non-Jewish members during Shabbos. Despite their efforts, the frequency and boldness of these crimes have been challenging to curtail. In response to the growing threat, Chaverim has announced plans to increase their patrol fleet for this coming Shabbos.

Law enforcement have noted a pattern in these crimes. The perpetrators typically check for unlocked vehicles first, then proceed to break windows if they spot valuable items inside locked cars.

The most recent spate of thefts involved a single individual who targeted over 30 cars, stealing cash, cellphones, and a GPS device. Surveillance footage from the night of the crimes has led to the suspicion that the perpetrator might be a repeat offender, previously arrested for similar incidents.

In light of these events, Chaverim of Rockland urges residents to take preventative measures. The key advice includes locking car doors and ensuring that no valuables are left in vehicles, particularly in plain sight.

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