Suffern Police Department Denounces Unauthorized Use of Their Patch in Political Posts

The Suffern Police Department recently discovered that its official department patch is being misused on social media platforms. These unauthorized posts are found advocating for specific candidates in the forthcoming Suffern Village and Rockland County elections.

The police department clarified that these posts were made without their knowledge or approval. Furthermore, the Suffern Police Department emphasized that it does not, and legally cannot, endorse any political candidates.

Residents and social media users are urged to be cautious and not misinterpret any posts featuring the Suffern Police patch as official endorsements or views of the department. The posts in question are deemed misleading and do not represent the position or sentiments of the department or its officers.

The Suffern Police Department maintains its neutral stance, asserting that it is not a political entity. They have firmly denounced the individuals behind this act and are urging them to remove such misleading content immediately.

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