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STRENGTHENING TIES: Jewish Orgs Meet Ramapo Police, Attend Roll Call

For the first time since the Covid-19 pandemic, four Jewish organizations attended a Wednesday morning Ramapo Police roll-call, including Chaverim of Rockland, Hatzolah of New Square, Hatzolah of Rockland, and New Square Ershte Hilf.

Prior to the roll-call, representatives of the organizations met with Ramapo police officers and introduced themselves and their missions to them, outlining how they collaborate with emergency response teams and are the first to be called when police, fire, or EMS require additional manpower or other resources.

Speakers at the roundtable meeting included Ramapo Town Supervisor Michael Specht; Chief Of Ramapo Police Martin Reilly; Coordinator Of Chaverim Of Rockland Yossi Margereten; Coordinator Of New Square Ershte Hilf; New Square Hatzolah Zevi Spitzer; and Coordinator of Rockland Hatzolah Abe Rosenberg.

The four organizations have long held close ties with various local and state agencies, with law enforcement and emergency medical responders often turning to them for assistance.

“Our partnerships with community groups, such as Hatzolah, Chaverim, New Square Emergency Services and Kaser Public Safety are very important to the Town of Ramapo and the Ramapo Police Department,” Chief Martin Reilly said following the meeting.

“By collaborating with each other, we can foster trust, build relationships and create an overall better environment for our residents. Our strong history of working well with these organizations contributes to a better quality of life for our residents. The members of these groups are true professionals and I thank them for their service and support, not only our police department, but for all who live and work in the Town of Ramapo. Thank you to all who attended today’s meeting.”

“I want to thank our community partners Hatzolah, Chaverim, New Square Emergency Services and Kaser Public Safety for meeting and providing training with our police today so that our officers understand the important work that these organizations do on behalf of the public,” Town of Ramapo Superivor Michael Specht. “We are proud of the strong partnership between our police and our community and today’s training will further fulfill the shared goals of protecting and serving our residents. Thank you to all the volunteers who selflessly serve every day to keep all of us safe.”

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