STORM WATCH: Severe Weather Threatens Region with Heavy Rain, Lightning, and High Winds

Residents of Rockland County are advised to stay alert as severe weather conditions loom over the region. A storm watch has been issued, warning of an array of potential hazards including heavy rain, frequent lightning, damaging wind gusts, large hail, and even a low-end chance of a tornado. The unsettled weather is expected to persist throughout the day (Monday), with a heightened risk of strong to severe thunderstorms late in the afternoon and into the evening.

As of now, the forecast for the day predicts mostly cloudy skies with occasional breaks of sun. Temperatures are expected to be warm and humid, ranging from the upper 70s to low 80s. Spotty showers and isolated thunderstorms are anticipated to occur during the early afternoon, gradually intensifying as the day progresses.

Tonight, the storm watch remains in effect as showers and thunderstorms are expected to persist until approximately midnight. However, conditions are anticipated to improve overnight, with the region experiencing a drying trend and mostly cloudy skies. The temperature is predicted to drop to around 67 degrees.

Looking ahead to Tuesday, the weather remains volatile, earning the label of “Weather to Watch.” The day is expected to be mostly cloudy, with the possibility of a few showers and the potential for an afternoon or evening thunderstorm. High temperatures will reach around 77 degrees, while lows are projected to be around 67 degrees.

By Wednesday, a mix of sun and clouds will dominate the skies, accompanied by a chance of a couple of showers. Highs for the day are estimated to be near 79 degrees, with lows hovering around 65 degrees.

Thursday is predicted to be partly sunny, offering some relief from the stormy conditions. Highs are anticipated to be near 79 degrees, while lows are expected to be around 64 degrees.

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