Stolen Car Tracked from Airmont to Newark, NJ: Joint Effort by Chaverim and Newark Police Leads to Arrests and Recovery

A stolen vehicle originating from Airmont, New York, was successfully tracked down to Newark, New Jersey, thanks to a joint effort by local authorities and community volunteers. The incident occurred on Monday morning when a car owner briefly stepped away from his vehicle, only to return and find his Black BMW missing. The vehicle was reported stolen and fled across state lines, prompting the involvement of law enforcement.

Given that the car was a brand-new model, lacking license plates, law enforcement faced an added challenge in tracking it down. However, the proactive response of the Chaverim Of Rockland volunteers proved crucial in locating the stolen vehicle. After hours of searching, the BMW was spotted in Newark, NJ, on Monday afternoon, still without license plates.

Beri Eisenbach, a dedicated volunteer with the Chaverim Of Rockland, played a pivotal role in coordinating with Newark Police. Their efforts led to the involvement of seasoned NJ State Trooper Detectives, who also hold a position in Newark Police’s Night Crime Task Force. Working together, they initiated a pursuit of the stolen vehicle, which eventually yielded significant breakthroughs.

Early this morning, Newark Police located the vehicle, during this confrontation, two male suspects fled the scene, but they were promptly apprehended. However, the stolen BMW managed to escape once again, carrying two more suspects.

Later in the day, the New Jersey State trooper detectives encountered the stolen vehicle, now with stolen NJ License Plates and stranded due to fuel exhaustion. This time, they confronted two male suspects attempting to refuel the vehicle with a canister of gas. The suspects, upon spotting the approaching police, initiated a pursuit. A chase ensued until the vehicle once again ran out of gas, culminating in the successful arrest of the two remaining suspects.

This arrest took place just two blocks away from the scene, at the intersection of University Avenue and West Market Place, where the suspects were found in possession of a loaded firearm.

The collaboration between Chaverim Of Rockland, Newark Police, and Ramapo Police proved instrumental in swiftly resolving the case, leading to the recovery of the stolen vehicle and the apprehension of all suspects involved.

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