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Spring Valley Village Collaborates with Police to Improve Traffic for Erev Pesach’s Sreifas Chametz

In a move to address the chaotic traffic flow experienced in previous years during Sreifas Chametz, Spring Valley village officials convened with the Spring Valley Police Department to finalize a new traffic management strategy. The annual pre-Passover ritual, which involves the burning of the bread, has historically seen significant congestion, complicating travel and access within the village.

Deputy Mayor Yisroel Eisenbach expressed optimism about the initiative, stating, “This year, we are committed to ensuring that Sreifas Chametz goes as smoothly as possible. By learning from past experiences, we’re implementing measures that we believe will significantly improve traffic flow and accessibility for all participants.”

Echoing the Deputy Mayor’s sentiments, Spring Valley Trustee Asher Grossman shared further details about the planned improvements. “We hope and believe that since we’re implementing a new traffic pattern designed especially for Sreifas Chametz, the whole experience will be much smoother. In addition, we’d like to remind everyone that there’s a large parking lot available on Memorial Park Drive. Participants can park there and easily walk over to the burning site. An easier Sreifas Chometz experience will bring a calmer Erev Yom Tov!”

Officials have announced that the exact details of the traffic plan will be published at the end of next week, closer to Erev Pesach, to ensure that residents and participants have ample time to familiarize themselves with the new arrangements.

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