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Spring Valley Village Board Authorizes Verizon Antenna Expansion for Enhanced Local Service

The Spring Valley Village Board green-lighted Verizon’s proposal to install additional antennas at the DPW site on 21 West Street, in a decisive effort to enhance local cellular service. This decision came as a response to feedback from Congressman Lawler’s office, specifically addressing the connectivity complaints of the community.

Deputy Mayor Yisroel Eisenbach expressed enthusiasm about the project’s potential impact, stating, “This upgrade is a game-changer for Spring Valley. We’re committed to ensuring our residents have access to the best possible communication services, and thanks to the collaborative effort with Verizon and Congressman Lawler’s office, we’re making significant progress.”

The initiative is expected to significantly improve mobile network performance in Spring Valley, reflecting the Village Board’s dedication to leveraging technology to serve the community better. With the backing of Congressman Lawler’s office.

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