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Spring Valley Residents Outraged, Demand Action from Police and Elected Officials Over Dog Intimidation Incidents {VIDEOS}

Residents on Hoyt Street and West Street in Spring Valley are raising concerns about new tenants who allegedly use their puppy to chase away neighborhood children.

According to one neighbor who spoke to Monsey Scoop, when children attempt to defend themselves, the tenants yell at them, accusing them of provoking the dog.

Another neighbor provided Monsey Scoop with video evidence showing the dog and the tenants’ 2-year-old child in the front yard with an open door, no leash, and the dog chasing and frightening the children towards a moving vehicle. The neighbor intervened and called the Spring Valley police. However, upon arrival, the police sided with the tenants, suggesting that the children must have teased the dog. When the neighbor presented video proof, the police claimed they were referring to a different incident and did not issue a citation or hold the dog owners accountable.

Outraged by the response, residents are now demanding help from the Spring Valley Police and elected officials to ensure the safety of their children and hold the dog owners responsible for their actions.

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  1. Hi,

    My name is Sruly Eisenbach. I am the Deputy Mayor of the Village of Spring Valley. As soon I was made aware of this incident I immediately reached out to the Chief of Police via email and requested action on this matter. I hope to keep the public posted.

    In addition, I would like to urge the public if any incident like this ever happens, please make sure to make a police report. I have faith in the Spring Valley Police department and i’m optimistic that this will be dealt with the proper way.

  2. The puppy and the children both need a lot more supervision here. I’m glad neither of them was hurt this time, but hopefully their guardians will work harder to make sure their charges are safe in the future.


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