Spring Valley Police Issue Advisory Amid Hammas Terror Attacks In Israel

In response to recent attacks in Israel, the Spring Valley Police Department has issued an advisory to its local communities, urging vigilance and enhanced security measures.

On October 10, 2023, the militant group, Hamas, made an official proclamation regarding an upcoming day of action on Friday, October 13, 2023, termed “the Friday of al-Aqsa Flood.” The declaration appealed to the global community for support and solidarity for the Palestinian cause, urging them to partake in mass assemblies. Furthermore, there was a call for residents of the West Bank and East Jerusalem to stage significant protests against Israel.

A controversial video that surfaced, which has since been removed from major platforms, featured Khaled Mashal, a founding member and ex-leader of Hamas. In the video, Mashal applauds the recent attack and urges widespread mobilization. He specifically calls on regional inhabitants to rise in protest and resistance. Additionally, he encouraged global participation in the “Friday of Al-Aqsa Flood,” aiming to convey a potent message of solidarity and displeasure to Zionists and the United States. The overarching theme was an emphasis on jihad being a universal duty and individual responsibility.

While there have been no detected credible threats to the Jewish communities in New York and New Jersey, the escalating international tensions have prompted the Spring Valley Police Department to suggest heightened security measures. Some of the recommended security precautions include:

  • Limited Building Access: Maintain only one entrance and exit. Keep all doors locked except to admit familiar persons.
  • Drop Off & Pick Up Vigilance: Ensure staff and security presence during high traffic intervals to watch for any suspicious individuals.
  • Perimeter Check: Upon institution commencement, conduct a thorough exterior sweep. Report any unusual findings or individuals to the police immediately.
  • Camera Surveillance: Ascertain all institution cameras are operational and recording. Assign someone to monitor footage throughout the day.
  • Systems Monitoring: Ensure all electronic and battery-operated systems, including access controls and panic buttons, are functional.
  • Mail and Deliveries Caution: Thoroughly inspect packages and mail. If not expected, do not accept it. Reevaluate your procedures for handling dubious mail.
  • Active Threat Protocols: Revisit and update your institution’s procedures for potential active threat scenarios. Contemplate instituting an all-encompassing drill.
  • Police Communication: Maintain an open line of communication with local police and provide them with your institution’s upcoming schedule.
  • Community Vigilance: Should you witness anything unusual or require assistance, immediately dial 911 for emergencies. For general inquiries or routine assistance, contact the Spring Valley PD at (845)-356-7400.

The Spring Valley Police Department remains committed to the safety and well-being of its residents, urging everyone to be cautious and stay alert during these times of heightened tension.

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