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Spring Valley Police Chief Requests Chaverim Of Rockland’s Assistance to Address Vehicle Thefts

Spring Valley Police Chief Richard Oleszczuk has reached out to Chaverim Of Rockland, for assistance. Chief Oleszczuk, in a recent email to Chaverim’s Coordinator Yossi (Josef) Margeratten, requested their help in disseminating important safety information to the public.

The Police Chief’s initiative comes in the wake of recent changes in New York State law that have made it increasingly challenging to effectively deter criminals who engage in stealing property from vehicles. As per the Chief’s communication, even after arrests, many offenders find their way back to the streets, often continuing their criminal activities.

Chief Oleszczuk’s email included an open letter to the public, emphasizing the importance of personal vigilance and property protection, especially during the holiday season. The letter outlined several practical steps that individuals can take to safeguard their belongings:

1. Reporting Suspicious Activity: Residents are encouraged to contact the police if they observe suspicious behavior, such as individuals peering into cars or trying to open car doors. Confrontation is discouraged; instead, a detailed description of the suspicious individual should be provided to the authorities.

2. Vehicle Security: The importance of locking car doors and rolling up windows is highlighted as a basic yet effective deterrent.

3. Parking Safely: Choosing well-lit, visible parking spots can significantly reduce the risk of theft.

4. Valuable Items: The letter strongly advises against leaving valuables like laptops, phones, and wallets in vehicles, particularly overnight.

The Spring Valley Police Department urges anyone who wishes to report an incident or suspicious activity within the Village of Spring Valley to contact them at (845) 356-7400. For emergencies, dialing 9-1-1 remains the recommended course of action.

Chief Oleszczuk’s letter closes with gratitude and best wishes for the holiday season, reinforcing the department’s commitment to community safety and collaboration.

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