Spring Valley Honors Community Heroes with Special Ceremony Following Trio of Challenging Fires

In an inspiring demonstration of community solidarity and resilience, the Village of Spring Valley came together on Thursday afternoon to pay tribute to the unsung heroes of recent fire emergencies. The ceremony, aptly named the “Village of Spring Valley Hero’s Ceremony,” was held at the Village Hall, where local leaders, elected officials, and community members gathered to honor those who stepped forward during a time of crisis.

Over the past month, Spring Valley has been tested by three significant fires, each posing unique challenges. These events could have led to major injuries or worse, if not for the bravery and swift action of the community and its emergency responders. The collective spirit of the community shone brightly, managing to avert tragedy through courage and determination.

Village Of Spring Valley Mayor Alan Simon took the opportunity to express deep gratitude towards the local Police and Fire Departments, Rockland Hatzolah Ambulance, Spring Hill Community Ambulance Corp, Chaverim of Rockland, and the Red Cross of Rockland. These groups were instrumental in managing the crises presented by the West Eckerson Apartment Fire, the Slinn Avenue Apartment Fire, and the 14 Union Road Harvest House Fire. Their professionalism and dedication in the face of danger were crucial to the successful navigation of these incidents.

The ceremony was not only a moment to thank these key entities but also a platform to highlight individual acts of heroism within the community. Among those celebrated was Jean Donald Mathieu, a courageous resident of Spring Valley, who displayed remarkable bravery by entering a burning building to save a baby’s life. Following the fire he joined a local fire department as a volunteer firefighter. This act of selflessness perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the community and serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration for all.


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