Spring Valley Family Narrowly Escapes House Fire Thanks to Alert Neighbor

In the early hours of the morning, a family in Spring Valley had a close brush with disaster when their home caught fire. Around 1:30 am, members of the household noticed smoke emanating from a light fixture at their residence, 7 Dunlop Drive off of Union Road. Despite closing the light and returning to sleep, the situation escalated quickly.

It was not until after 5:00 am that the danger became apparent. A vigilant neighbor, observing flames behind the house, promptly contacted the fire department. The Spring Valley Police Department was swift to respond, arriving first at the scene. They confirmed the presence of a structural fire and immediately evacuated the sleeping family, fortunately without any injuries.

The firefighting efforts saw a collaboration of multiple departments. The Monsey Fire Department, Hillcrest Fire Department, Spring Valley Fire Department, along with Hatzolah EMS and Spring Hill EMS, were all involved in tackling the blaze, Hatzolah EMS and Spring Hill EMS were on the scene for medical standby.

Particularly noteworthy was the response of the Monsey Fire Department. They arrived promptly and took decisive action, despite the location being outside of their designated fire district. Their quick response played a critical role in controlling the fire. Thanks to their efforts, the majority of the house was saved from destruction, with only the rear section, where the fire had initially been spotted, suffering significant damage.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of community vigilance and the invaluable role of our emergency services in ensuring public safety. The family, though shaken, remains grateful for the timely intervention that prevented a potentially tragic outcome.

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