Spring Valley Deputy Mayor Eisenbach Meets with Carlo Minuto Carting to Ensure Smooth Garbage Collection Ahead of Pesach

In preparation for Pesach, Deputy Mayor Yisroel Eisenbach of the Village of Spring Valley has taken proactive steps by meeting with representatives from Carlo Minuto Carting. The goal of this meeting was to secure additional garbage pickup services to accommodate the increased activity and ensure the village remains clean and orderly. As a result, the community can expect extra collections in the entire village on Thursday, April 18; Friday, April 19; Sunday, April 21; and Erev Pesach Monday, April 22.

Residents are encouraged to start placing bulk items out for collection from Monday, April 8, and are reminded to keep garbage neatly at the curb. Deputy Mayor Eisenbach emphasized the importance of treating the garbage collection staff with respect during their busiest season, viewing it as an opportunity to “make a Kiddush Hashem,”

In his communication with the Monsey Scoop, Deputy Mayor Eisenbach extended his thanks to Carlo Minuto Carting, especially to Thomas Larusso and Dominic Selvaggio, for their cooperation.

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