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Spring Hill EMS Hosts 57th Annual Dinner and Honors Outstanding Members

On Sunday night, Spring Hill EMS held its 57th annual dinner, a significant event where new line and house officers were officially sworn in, and exceptional members were recognized for their dedicated service. The event was organized by chair leader Esther Ben Arbon, whose efforts ensured a memorable and successful evening.

The town of Ramapo supervisor had the honor of swearing in the new officers, including Captain J. Curland and Lt. R. Finney . House officers A. Zidell and M. Lopez were also inducted.

Local elected officials and law enforcement attended the event, expressing their gratitude to the membership for their outstanding contributions to the community.

A special acknowledgment goes to Faist Ambulance for covering Spring Hill main and central stations and Tuxedo EMS for covering the west station, allowing Spring Hill EMS’s members to enjoy the evening without concern.

Spring Hill EMS responded to over 10,000 calls last year, a testament to the unwavering commitment of our dedicated members. Their efforts do not go unnoticed, and several individuals were honored for their exceptional contributions:

  • Kenneth Cohen: Community Impact Award
  • Miriah Schramm: Employee of the Year
  • Devora Greenwald: EMS Excellence Award
  • Chana Saperstein: Excellence of Duty
  • Arin Shatkin: Innovation Award
  • Chaya Guttman: Member of the Year
  • Yakov Brull: Mentorship Excellence Award
  • Moshe Dergel: Outstanding Response Award
  • Giselle Duque: President’s Award
  • Tzvi Needleman: Behind the Scenes Hero Award
  • Ephraim Tauber: Buff of the Year, Top Backups, and Top Responder
  • Chaim Dov Kopstick: Top Backups
  • Giselle Duque: Top Hours
  • Shalom Halberstam: Youth Squad of the Year

Spring Hill EMS Member Yakov Brull delivered a stirring rendition of the national anthem, which set a patriotic tone for the evening.

In a statement to Monsey Scoop, Spring Hill EMS Chief E. Ungar expressed his pride and appreciation for the members: “I’m incredibly proud of our members’ dedication and hard work. The achievements of our members reflect the spirit of service and commitment that defines Spring Hill EMS. Each of these honorees has gone above and beyond in their duties, and it’s an honor to recognize their outstanding contributions.”

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