Spring Hill Ambulance Hosts Specialized Training on Trailer Operations and Safety

On this past Sunday, an expert instructor from VFIS led a specialized course on Emergency Services Trailer Operations and Safety. The training was hosted by Spring Hill Ambulance, in attendance of its members along with representatives from the Sheriff’s department, and members of the Amwell Valley Ambulance Corp.

The comprehensive session aimed at equipping members with the knowledge and skills necessary for the safe operation of emergency service trailers. Moreover, participants were provided with guidelines on effectively passing down this crucial training to future volunteers, ensuring that the legacy of safety and skill continues for years to come.

“We’re honored to host this vital training,” said Eli Ungar Spring Hill Ambulance’s Chief. “Acquiring these skills is essential for the safeguarding of our community and to enhance the effectiveness of our emergency response.”

The collaboration between local emergency services and VFIS showcases the importance of continuous learning and the dedication to ensuring community safety. The tools and techniques learned from the session will play a pivotal role in ensuring that emergency services in the region operate trailers with the utmost precision and care.

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