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Special Journey to Poland: Skverer Chassidim to Uplift Shabbos Parshas Va’eira with the Rebbe

Excitement is in the air as Skverer Chassidim have received thrilling news – as the Skvere Rebbe is embarking on a special journey to Poland. The purpose of this extraordinary trip is to spend an uplifted Shabbos Parshas Va’eira together with generous donors who have contributed $100,000 and more towards the construction of the new massive Beis HaMedrish in New Square.

This exclusive journey is tailor-made for those who have shown exceptional support for the construction of the magnificent Beis HaMedrish in New Square. These esteemed individuals will be granted the rare privilege of spending several days in the company of the Rebbe, exploring historic sites in Poland, including visits to kevorim in Krakow and more.

For their accommodation, a luxurious retreat has been arranged at the newly inaugurated Marriott Hotel in the heart of the city. The hotel has been specially reserved to cater to the needs and comfort of the Chassidim during their stay, ensuring a memorable experience.

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