Sloatsburg Resident’s Vigilance Leads to Rescue of Missing Hiker

A Sloatsburg resident’s keen observation aided in the successful rescue of a missing hiker from New Jersey.

Authorities were alerted when 63-year-old Carol Heimbach failed to return from her regular hike at Ringwood State Park on Sunday afternoon. Concerned for her safety, her family promptly contacted the authorities to initiate a search effort.

The situation took a hopeful turn when a vigilant homeowner, reviewing footage from his Ring doorbell camera, spotted Heimbach near his residence on Monday. The homeowner, situated approximately five miles from Ringwood State Park, quickly alerted the authorities, providing a crucial lead in the search operation.

Upon discovery, Heimbach appeared disoriented but fortunately showed no signs of serious injury. As a precautionary measure, she was promptly transported to the hospital for evaluation. After a harrowing 25-hour ordeal, Heimbach has been reunited with her family, safe and sound.

The collaborative efforts of local law enforcement, concerned citizens, and technological advancements like doorbell cameras were instrumental in ensuring a swift and successful outcome to this search and rescue mission.


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