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Skvere Rebbe Holds Shiva for Rebbetzin In Skvere Shul In New Square Using Unique Tent Connecting Home and Beis HaMedrish

A tent was erected Monday morning to connect the home of the Skvere Rebbe Shlita to the nearby Beis HaMedrish, facilitating the observance of Shiva for the Skvere Rebbetzin A”H who was niftar on Sunday.

This unique arrangement comes after that at the Petira of the Zvhiller Rebbetzin A”H, the Skvere Rebbe’s daughter who passed away approximately seventeen months ago the Rebbe chose not to sit Shiva in the Beis HaMedrish ,adhering to the custom of not leaving one’s home during the Shiva period, despite the considerable challenge it posed.

The loss of the Zvhiller Rebbetzin A”H was deeply felt within the community, and the subsequent Shiva saw an overwhelming turnout, unfortunately, the Rebbe’s home could not accommodate the vast number of mourners, leaving many unable to participate in the Nichum Aveileim.

Understanding the significance of communal mourning and the limitations faced, the Rebbe’s Gabboim proposed a compassionate compromise. They suggested the construction of a tent to link the Rebbe’s residence with the shul, thus enabling the Rebbe to observe Shiva in the Beis HaMedrish that could accommodate the large crowds, without breaching the custom of staying home during the Shiva period. This innovative solution was embraced, and the tent was set up.

The Skvere Rebbe Shlita, along with his son’s, are expected to commence the Shiva in the Skvere Beis HaMedrish this afternoon. The full Shiva schedule and details can be found on poster below.

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