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Shoppers Haven Mall Undergoes Expansion to Become Epic Hub for Monsey’s Frum Community

Monsey residents are buzzing with excitement as the Shoppers Haven mall undergoes a significant transformation, evolving into an expansive shopping complex tailored to the needs of the frum community. The mall, which has experienced increasing foot traffic in recent years, is currently being expanded to accommodate this growth.

Renderings released on Motzei Shabbos by the SilverLock Design Group provide a glimpse of the future, showcasing the grand Shoppers Haven mall complex currently under construction. The plans include a large new building connected to the parking garage, which will eventually house some of the existing shops from the current mall. This move will free up space for the Rockland Kosher Supermarket to expand its operations.

Shoppers Haven is set to become a dynamic hub for Monsey’s frum shoppers, promising a vibrant and comprehensive shopping experience at the heart of the community.

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  1. thats great but will be done about the idiots who drive recklessly? and what about those who think the
    fire lane is specially made for them? unfortunately, it wont change. Bishvili nivra haolam.


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