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SHOCKING: Shopper Enters Profanities On Evergreen Kiosk, Falsely Blames Supermarket

A man up to no good spread blatant falsehoods about Evergreen supermarket on WhatsApp groups – calling out the store for himself entering obscene language into a checkout kiosk.

The incident began earlier Wednesday when the man, who has not yet been identified, went shopping at Evergreen. At the self-checkout kiosk, he was prompted to enter his name, at which point he entered an obscene and unpublishable term.

Once he paid, the kiosk flashed a message saying “Thank You [Expletive]” – referring to him by the term he entered.

Rather than admit his wrongdoing or simply move on, the man snapped a photo of the message and then sent it around social media, with the fake news quickly spreading that Evergreen had referred to a customer in a shockingly derogatory manner.

The incident has caused much unnecessary pain and heartache for Evergreen’s managers, highlighting the wreckage that can be caused by an inherently debased individual bent on spreading falsehoods.

In response to the story, the manager of Evergreen has informed Monsey Scoop that the store’s self-checkout kiosks have been modified to automatically block and reject any profanity or obscenities entered by shoppers.

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